Special Diets


Chef Paul Catering culinary staff is highly trained to prepare menus that fall within strict dietary guidelines.  Because our menu items are all prepared in house, from scratch, we are able to create the following types of custom menus for your special events.

Diabetic and Heart Healthy Menus- We use a variety of tried and true recipes that are low in sugar, fat, and sodium including sugar free desserts so you don't have to worry.

Vegan and Vegetarian Menus-We've catered several vegan and vegetarian events throughout the years including weddings where even the meat lover's didn't go home unsatisfied. 

Organic Menus-When we prepare an organic event we start with the basics.  Flour, sugar, olive oil...Our organic menus are made from 100 percent organic ingredients. We can also prepare all or some of your menu with locally sourced ingredients.


Spa Menus-Remember how you felt when you left the spa?  There's no reason every party menu has to be filled with rich, fatty foods to be enjoyed by your guests.  Let us create a menu using vitamin rich, energizing foods that won't dissappoint.


Gluten Free Menus-We can prepare full cocktail parties and special events with creative gluten free options.  You can enjoy the event and your guests won't know the difference.


For questions or to have a custom menu prepared for your event contact us at 847-623-8750 or email